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Phil (OmnisList) phil at
Thu Sep 3 06:49:26 EDT 2020

Hi Mike,

unless I am mistaken, he is not talking about the rest of the App., just 
the actual executable within the App...

Sounds like he already has a script for the rest of the app structure...

I recall an issue with our executable, a renamed omnis,  but cannot 
recall exactly what it was I did to correct it.

Our solution may even of been, don't touch it, just codesign the stuff 
we have added or modified.

When you say clear down, are you just meaning the --force on codesigning 
stuff again?
Or something else?

Out of curiosity, how did you recursively go inside all folders?
I ended up created a library that generated a script file with a 
codesign line for each file in the App structure.
Noting that apple say that the -r option is what you do at the end to 
finalise it?

I subsequently reduced the script to things that actually change so that 
the notarization process was a bit quicker.

I recall getting caught out with the scripts we ran in the installer 
created with packages, failing to codesign them as well caused the 
package not to be notarised.

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 03/09/2020 10:04, Mike Matthews - Omnis wrote:
> I’ll send you my parts that fixes this problem.
> You have to clear down existing settings, recursively inside all folders, including xcomps.
> Mike
> On 3 Sep 2020, at 04:14, Andy Hilton <andyh at<mailto:andyh at>> wrote:
> All
> I make my app, and follow the scripts I have previously got (an edit of Bas’s scripts) - and all passes muster, it appears notarized and stapled….
> I make a dmg - and again following the scripts I notarize my dmg
> Except this time I get a failure and following the logs, it tells me that the signature on the ‘Omnis’ app itself (TheApp/Contents/MacOS/Omnis) is invalid
> Anyone know why that may be and what command I should add to the script to correct it ?
> I am currently trying :
> codesign -f -o runtime --entitlements /Users/andy/Downloads/codesign/standard_entitlements.plist --timestamp --verbose -s "Developer ID Application: Andy Hilton (6UMDUSHJ58)"
> codesign -f -o runtime --entitlements /Users/andy/Downloads/codesign/extended_entitlements.plist --timestamp --verbose -s "Developer ID Application: Andy Hilton (6UMDUSHJ58)"
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