Notarizing question

Andy Hilton andyh at
Wed Sep 2 23:14:01 EDT 2020


I make my app, and follow the scripts I have previously got (an edit of Bas’s scripts) - and all passes muster, it appears notarized and stapled….

I make a dmg - and again following the scripts I notarize my dmg

Except this time I get a failure and following the logs, it tells me that the signature on the ‘Omnis’ app itself (TheApp/Contents/MacOS/Omnis) is invalid

Anyone know why that may be and what command I should add to the script to correct it ?

I am currently trying :

codesign -f -o runtime --entitlements /Users/andy/Downloads/codesign/standard_entitlements.plist --timestamp --verbose -s "Developer ID Application: Andy Hilton (6UMDUSHJ58)"
codesign -f -o runtime --entitlements /Users/andy/Downloads/codesign/extended_entitlements.plist --timestamp --verbose -s "Developer ID Application: Andy Hilton (6UMDUSHJ58)"

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