Starting the default program for file format

Terry Hurst xettera at
Tue Sep 1 22:48:08 EDT 2020

Here's an approach I sometimes use

Launch programcmd,/c start "" "[lvcDocumentPath]"(Do not quit Omnis)

On 1/09/2020 8:55 am, Wayne Germann wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm using Omnis 8.1.7 on Windows 7 and above.  When I try to open the default program for a file in Omnis Studio it is not working.
>                  Register DLL ('Shell32.dll','ShellExecuteA','JJCCCCJ')
>                  Call DLL ('Shell32.dll','ShellExecuteA',0,'#NULL#',iDigitalList.[iDigitalList.$line].Location,'','#NULL#',1)
> Can someone take a look to make sure I have the coding correct?
> Thanks
> Brian
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