Hide Top Title bar on windows extended 2 monitor

Kelly Burgess kellyb at montana.com
Tue Dec 29 12:18:05 EST 2020

Hi Nick,

Daniel wrote:
>I cannot remember or find who initially built this dll.

TBGone was from Gary Connor at DirectLine Technologies.  Below is a post from twenty years ago.  The web domain is no longer functioning, Gary has retired, and I expect the Modesto address is no longer his office.



Date:    Tue, 29 Feb 2000 07:47:21 -0800
From:    Gary Connor <gary_connor at DIRECTLINE-TECH.COM>
Subject: Hiding menu Bars

The TBGone DLL is NOT Freeware.  It is shareware ($25.00) from DirectLine Technologies, Inc., 1200 E. Orangeburg Avenue, Modesto, CA, 95350.  I have sent a private message to the individual posting the file (badly), as he definitely has NOT paid the shareware fee, and obviously shouldn't be posting these items to the list.

Thanks to those of you who have paid your shareware fees for the utility externals posted on our website.
Gary Connor
Technology Officer
DirectLine Technologies, Inc.


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