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Daniel Sananes daniel.s at
Tue Dec 29 11:29:11 EST 2020

Hi Nikos

There exists a dll that can remove the top title bar.
I cannot remember or find who initially built this dll.
It is called tbgone.dll

This dll (for windows of course) will enable you to remove the taskbar, menubar or show omnisarea as the default or as the windows normal state.
the command will show up in external commands:
SetWindowHead (1,1,1)


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Ämne: Hide Top Title bar on windows extended 2 monitor

Season Greetings

Is there a helpful soul out there who can share a code snippet for Omnis 7.3.8 that can hide the top title bar from the second monitor so that I can run my TV application in full screen mode ?
I can hide the task bar from the window settings but what about the top windows title bar ?
If it hides also the top bar from the main monitor is not a problem as long as I can still use ctrl keys.

Second question. I can detect from Omnis the size of the main monitor with Calculate SCREENWIDTH as sys(104) Calculate SCREENHEIGHT as $root.$modes.$height Is there a way to detect the size of the second extended monitor from within Omnis ?

Windows 7-10, Omnis 7.3.8

Thank you very much
Nikos Andritsakis
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