Use OAuth2 with Omnis 10.1?

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Fri Dec 18 12:58:46 EST 2020

Hello Das,

Indeed you would Das, but there are less Generous soul out there is all I will say about them.  But they have destroyed the once free and open internet.  I do remember the days of open smtp relays and when no one really bothered. And then they stopped Dial Up Internet 56kb/s modems, and the Genie was out of the bottle I guess.  'Always On’ internet at a fixed price meant that you could swamp systems at a fixed price.

Progress Das, progress.

Mike Matthews

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I just want to send emails.. is there not a solution that is relatively simple?  I dont know WHY I had to set my google setting to Less Secure Apps.. I think it was because I have my own mail server and my emails weren’t getting through, so we had to set up Google as our proxy or whatever.. as if we’re sending from Google.. then my emails would get through otherwise ISP’s blocked them.. I think that’s what it was.. my God, what a mess.. you’d think you’d be able to send emails without all this fuss.

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Hi Das,

firstly note, OAuth is not Oauth2.

As Mike says, not easily.

I've done it previously externally in Python code, to google calendar, and now recently had to look at it against Xero.

Not straight forward at first, but achievable.

now in 10.2, there is an Oauth2 option in the OW3 set of functions...

I believe that is what Mike used for his UK Govt tax website, and I intend to look into what is involved connecting to gmail, which Bob said they have done.

It may be a resolution for other Oauth2 connections... but as for now, I have not looked at it at all.

Oauth2 is the solution that Google for example will open a web page asking for permission to use such and such service...
you receive some token back, which you can then use for your direct interaction with the service.
That permission may last a long time, or a short time, and when it runs out, you have to log back in and regain permission.

The google solution seemed to work well in Python, Xero less so!

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 18/12/2020 15:47, Das Goravani wrote:
How do you use OAuth?

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