Divide By Zero handling

Mike Matthews - Omnis omnis at lineal.co.uk
Fri Dec 18 13:51:01 EST 2020

Mike Matthews also has spoken to Andreas for help, well he came to me first really.

When I set this property, as a library property, both DEV and RT applications do not report a divide by zero error message.  And other error messages I imagine.  But no data will show because of data or code issues, so the user is left with no data on the screen, and no warning.  So I will allow the user to toggle this library preference.

This came about because I imported data without first validating it correctly by the way, so fix that, and you don’t need to turn off the message.  I can hear you all right now telling me this, and right you are.  :). But I need to buy some time until next week, and now I have.

And it does prove I’m not dreaming of hearing the Bob’s telling me things while asleep, and that I do in fact listen to what they say in their important briefings.


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On 18 Dec 2020, at 13:03, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at montana.com<mailto:kellyb at montana.com>> wrote:

Mike wrote "in v10, it is much more strict"  and "was a new $pref added ?"

Xavier wrote "I only get a message in the trace log."

It looks like $clib.$prefs.$reportcalculationerrors is the property that makes the difference.  It's in 10.1, but it's also in 8.1.7, so not new, but maybe the default value changed?

When true, a divide by zero stops and barks --   E108080: Divide by zero

When false, a 32bit integer divide by zero results in 2147483647, or 0x7FFFFFFF.  That's the maximum value of a 32bit signed integer.  No stopping, just the trace log entry saying "Error evaluating calculation: num1/num2     Divide by zero"

I don't know if an error handler would be called in both cases.

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