Divide By Zero handling

Michael Mantkowski michaelj at clientrax.com
Fri Dec 18 10:54:12 EST 2020

Hi Mike,

I am not sure about a new $pref, but we have always used this in our "Error
Handler" to deal with divide by zero.

Else If lvErrorCode=108080
   ;  Divide by Zero Error
   SEA continue execution

Michael Mantkowski
ClienTrax Software

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Hello All,

Am I dreaming, was a new $pref added to handle the Divide by Zero
functionality of Studio with v10.2?  In prev versions, Studio would
continue, but in v10, it is much more strict about such occurrences.

Terrible if I am dreaming about one of the two Bobs talking about Divide
error handling however, I need a break.


Mike Matthews

Lineal Software Solutions
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