Notarization fails after Packages build

Phil (OmnisList) phil at
Thu Dec 17 09:59:13 EST 2020


Yes I have also.

I codesign and notarize the app. first...
similar to Das's notes, of zipping the app, and notarizing that.

codesign any scripts that are used within the package only.

using packages, which signs the packages it creates, so not using 
productsign, unless packages does that for me.

Our final package contains two installer packages, one our app and also 
includes a postgresql installer package.

then notarizing the final package works without fail.

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 17/12/2020 07:25, ADJob wrote:
> Hi,
>> Just curious if anyone has successfully notarized a package (.pkg) file
>> with their Studio 10.2 runtime inside?
>> Back with Studio 8.1.6, I didn't have any issues. WIth Studio 10.2 and
>> Packages v1.2.9.... no luck!.
> Yes, finally I got it to work. 3 weeks later.
> 1. codesign your app (tech note on
> 2. codesign your installer (using Product Builder to create an installer and codesign in one step)
> 3. notarize the installer .pkg (the notarization of the app is done at the same time)
> I use an ”installer” that is super simple on Mac. ”Product builder”
> I have used it for several years. It is very smart and simple. Just drag and drop.
> /Mats
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