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Tue Dec 15 01:08:42 EST 2020

hi Scotte

I have not done it for reports fonts..     But I know I’ve done it for some other things that are ’not easy to get at’.  so I dug this up for how we change $numberformats and $inputMasks.

I do not see these in the $prefs for a library when inspecting it..

we use styles in reports and you can get a list of $fieldstyles — — but those attributes only seem to say that it $hasfont

and after a little sleuthing….  looks like   $root.$libs.YOURLIBRARY.$prefs.$reportfonts might be what you want.

so try  a makelist on them, or addressing the ’$fontname’ directly like the following… which gave me ’times new roman'

Calculate #S1 as $clib.$prefs.$reportfonts.1.$fontname

hope that helps.

# Allow user to set the display format of the account number
Calculate $clib.$prefs.$numberformats.13.$text as pick(len($ctask.tDefaultData.D_DEFAULT_ACCT_NO_FORMAT)>0,'0-0000-000',$ctask.tDefaultData.D_DEFAULT_ACCT_NO_FORMAT)
Calculate inputMask as con('>>',$clib.$prefs.$numberformats.13.$text)
Do tStringFields.$replace(inputMask,'0','#',inputMask) Returns I_ERROR_CODE
Calculate $clib.$prefs.$inputmasks.13.$text as inputMask

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> On December 14, 2020, at 3:56 PM, Scotte Meredith <spomacguy at> wrote:
> Hi all --
> I've done this before somewhere, but I can't find any code snippets.
> How do I read the font slots out of #WIRFONTS in Studio 10.2? I want to get a list of fonts by slot. Later I will need to write to it.
> I set an item reference to the #WIRFONTS but there is nothing valuable to see in Property Manager
> Set reference lirRef to $clib.$classes.#WIRFONTS
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