Use OAuth2 with Omnis 10.1?

Michael Houlberg michael at
Thu Dec 10 16:45:52 EST 2020

Fellow Listers:

I’ve been able send email using Gmail with Omnis Studio 10.1 in the past.  It used to work until Google changed their requirements and now consider my SMTP code to be too “insecure”.  I thought I had to update to using Studio 10.2 which has added an OAuth2 worker object to the OW3 set of Worker objects.  But then looking in the docs I find in Chapter 7 under Web Worker Objects (OWEB) a section on "SMTP Client Workers" which mentions it can work with OAuth2.  However, I believe this relies on Java?  So I would need to have Java installed to use this?

So have you gotten the Studio 10.1 OWEB SMTP Client Worker working with Gmail?

Or have you been successful copying the ow3.u_xcomp from Studio 10.2 into Studio 10.1 and using the OW3 Workers?

I’m hoping there is a way to once again send using Gmail and Omnis Studio 10.1.

Michael Houlberg
Houlberg Development, LLC

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