Customize Studio 10.2 runtime app name (mac)

Mike Matthews - Omnis omnis at
Wed Dec 9 12:53:23 EST 2020

Hello Andrew,

Yes, we do.  We are now using the new deployment tool as well, which customises the name and file locations.  Changing the name usually is fine in my experience.  It does filter down to the naming of the folder with AppData as well.

There are notes in the WhatsNew v10.2 PDF about this part.


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On 9 Dec 2020, at 17:49, Andrew Stolarz <stolarz at<mailto:stolarz at>> wrote:

In the past (studio 8.1.6) runtimes, I would rename my,1,4vP4pMBA9xe_oiIHQFxJRzTnbNBNeFwNn1RbBH0F-8V9udp0vPLgk_IMnhA4Dx4nJTrwQcRRzMNrhiGRHad2KYyP_TTSuJm36B0tMwMa7sgh9-MT1-E,&typo=1 to our
application name, and change a few variables inside the Infoplist.strings.

When I do that now in 10.2, omnis simply crashes every time I try to launch
it (just reported it to omnis).

Has anyone else successfully renamed the 10.2 runtime app?

Im running osx 10.14.6

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