OmnisDataBridge 1.75 and Big Sur

Andrew McVeigh omnis at
Sun Dec 6 21:43:47 EST 2020

I am running into a problem in that ODB will not start on this new iMac
When you do the ./odb start in terminal the message is

Loading user config file..failed to open config file. Failed to load user config file. Unable to proceed.

Have checked the Config.xml file and is the same as I have used before on Catalina

Strangely on Catalina it picks up the file from the Applications/OmnisDataBridge folder

while on Big Sur it is looking for it in Library/Application support etc etc

So I have tried putting it in both locations with the same message coming up each time 

Am I missing something really simple

Andrew McVeigh
Surfway Real Solutions
Phone 02 44412679 Mobile 0418428016

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