Too many users connected

Das Goravani goravanis at
Tue Dec 1 20:22:56 EST 2020

Too many users connected to the server

That’s what I get when I Command-T to use my form

I have a remote form made.. I made it with my dev serial number I believe.. or was I using the App Server serial number?

That’s the thing.. how do you test a remote form when you are in your Development copy of Omnis.. 

I’m in 10.1 on Big Sur.. I developed the form on Mojave.. and I thought it was then just using my then developer serial number as I am on now.. 

But something has changed because it feels it doesn’t have one user left.. I am the only person using it.. I mean it’s my dev omnis on my Mac.. I’m not working on the server.. you can’t work on the server so far as I know.. 

How do I test my form in dev mode if it does this error message always?

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