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Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Sat Sep 28 04:25:14 EDT 2019

Hi folks,

Our old friend Sebastian Ernest just sent me a request to post this for him.


Howdy Kelly,

I hope your doing well. Miss talking to ya. I’ve had my hands full of late and that’s why I’m writing to you. My life Partner Melanie has had a real stroke of bad luck. She [was fired from her job]. 3 weeks later she got diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer. No insurance.  So we went through our savings. Got insurance now that covers some of it but it’s cobra and very expensive. I work as much as possible doing live sound and playing gigs but it’s not enough and to make matters worse I just got out a week long hospital adventure with septic cellulitis. 

So we created a go fund me for Melanie. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind making this known to my old developer friends out there in Omnis land. Such a huge part of my life. 

Here is the link to share. 
I thought you might be interested in supporting this GoFundMe, 

Thanks for taking a look!

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