AppleScript crashing no matter what

Das Goravani das at
Wed Sep 18 19:42:18 EDT 2019

I tried this which was suggested for opening a file (PDF) but as it uses AppleScript it’s crashing too

    Begin text block
    Text: {set filepath to "['/Jyotish Studio 5/JS5 Manual.pdf']"}
    Text: {try}
    Text: {set command to "open " & quoted form of filepath} 
    Text: {do shell script command}
    Text: {end try}
    Get text block lScript
    Calculate #F as $runapplescript(lScript,result)

Would have been nice. 

I guess now I’m going to try oBrowser for both opening Websites like my own and YouTube where I have training videos, as well as opening the User Manual PDF

oBrowser seems pretty simple.. you just set parameters and it goes to that web page, here goes ….

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