Does $runapplescript work on v10

Stefan Csomor csomor at
Wed Sep 18 02:24:22 EDT 2019

Hi Das

    Does AppleScript WORK on v10 of Omnis?  
    I’m doing a really straightforward AppleScript on v and it’s crashing. 
      If sys(6)=‘X’   #this is for Mac, pURL is a character parameter where the URL is passed in ex http://www.goravani <http://www.goravani/>.com
        Calculate lScript as con("open location ",kDq,pUrl,kDq)
        Do $root.$runapplescript(lScript)
          If you look at lScript after it’s packed it looks like this:   open location “ <>"
        Launch program ,[pUrl] (Do not quit Omnis)
      End If
    Omnis is crashing on the Do $root.runapplescript… command line
    I have checked online and with the AppleScript documentation for the command and all seems correct
    I originally got the code from Alex and he has it posted on GitHub… it seems really clear and simple, straightforward, so I don’t know why it’s crashing at all
    Does AppleScript WORK on v10 of Omnis?  

This line does not even work in the AppleScript editor: 

open location " <>"

You need a proper url, nothing else
open location ""

and this works, at least in my 10.0.1B2 I'm opening the browser that way (using single quotes, but I don't think this matters)



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