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Bruno Del Sol bruno.delsol at bydesign.fr
Sun Sep 8 06:16:54 EDT 2019

Hi Paul,

The short answer is go with the iframe, or you'll have to deal with several potential conflicts in css and js between 
omnis and Joomla, some of them you might be able to solve and some you won't.

In other words, it might work for a rather simple integration, for instance use Omnis to add a single feature to Joomla 
(like file upload, or datagrid), but integrating a fully featured Omnis app and Joomla (or any other cms) will probably 
fail, and even if you work your ass of to make it work for your app on one version, both products version changes can 
break it any time.


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Le 08/09/2019 à 11:28, Paul Mulroney a écrit :
> Hi Everyone,
> We're going to be adding a jsClient application to a Joomla website.  As far as I can tell, the jsClient siezes control of the entire page (Unless you put it inside an iFrame).
> Is there a way to tell the jsClient to play nice with Joomla?  Has anyone tried this before?
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul.
> "Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you're also the murderer."

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