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Michael Mantkowski michaelj at
Fri Nov 22 07:07:19 EST 2019

Along with our Veterinary Application we provide client educational videos via a Web Service integration.  As we were getting ready for our Omnis Studio to 10.1 migration we ran into a snag as the new oBrowser component in 10.1 does not support H264 video.  And of course, the content for all of our client education materials is in H264 and stored on YouTube.  We have been trying to work with Omnis to support this, but they are extremely reluctant to do so because of the royalty issues associated with it.  For awhile I was afraid our whole 10.1 migration was going to need to be shelved.

However, two days ago I received word from the content provider that they are going to migrate all their contend to "webm" and asked me to test some samples they had converted.  All great right!?  Well, almost.

As it turns out, "webm" is indeed supported by oBrowser and with a few tweaks to the content providers default HTML I am able to get it to autoplay when we request the specific video.  Now for the bad part.  The video controls used on the player have a big fat round Play / Pause button that shows up right in the middle of the screen whenever the mouse is over the video.  If you can imagine a Veterinarian trying to educate a pet owner on a specific part of the anatomy of there pet (Let's say Ear Cleaning for instance.), they cannot use the mouse to point to a area on the video without the giant Play / Pause button popping up right in the middle of what they are trying to show the client.  This button is probably four times larger than a normal play button most of us are used to.  I assume it was setup like this for people using phones or tablets to view video.  But for our purposes it makes our videos almost useless.

I spent almost my whole day yesterday trying to research how to make the controls standard like you see in every other online video player.  I was able to get to the point of completely eliminating it and I was able to move it around to some degree on the screen.  But I have not been able to find anything that will allow it to appear like a standard player with the play / pause to the left of the content range slider.

Has anyone dealt with this?  Know a way to force the controls to take on a more standard appearance?  I find a lot of online references that say it can be done.  But I have not been able to find any examples beyond what I have already discussed.  

Thanks in advance,


Michael Mantkowski
ClienTrax Software

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