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Hello Thad,

One question I've tried to get eh answer to is will the new 16” run the last OSX, ie, the one with 32bitsupport?  Sometimes Apple do allow it to run the previous OS.  Sometimes not. :(


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On 21 Nov 2019, at 15:34, Thad Bogert <thad at<mailto:thad at>> wrote:

Hi All,

I took the plunge and upgraded a new 16 inch MacBook.  Obviously with Catalina, I can no longer run 32bit applications; so I would like to set up a VM with an earlier version of the MacOS to support older versions of Studio.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what version of the most recent Mac OS that works best with Studio 4?  I know that 32bit applications are supported with everything prior to Catalina, but I have found that in recent versions there are issues with slow performance with standard file dialogs and sometimes I have seen other UI quirks.



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