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Hi Michael,

Use the Windows Task Scheduler. If you specify a username and password the app will run in the background, not visible to a user logging on to the server. This is a lot easier to set up when compared to running Omnis as a service. It also allows you to add parameters to the start link that you can then interpret in your code, if you need this type of external configuration. You can choose to start the app only with a logged on user, then the window becomes visible and you can check to see everything is running correctly, then set a username and password, and the app then starts as a background process. The triggers in the Task Scheduler can be set to restart the app every morning, and when the server is restarted. We have used this type of structure in conjunction with VB scripts, where the VB script will kill Omnis and restart the app, or check to see if an app with the omnis.exe name (you can rename omnis.exe to an appropriate name) is running, and only if it is not running start the app. This type of script can be called every 5 minutes to ensure your app will automatically be restarted if it is no longer running.



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Betreff: Windows Service to start Omnis

I have a small Omnis Library that does middleware communications between a Web Service and Laboratory Blood Analyzer.  It runs happily in several locations around the world to communicate with this on piece of equipment.

Normally we just setup in Widows Startup to start the application and it is good to go.

However, we have one instillation where the computers are super locked down and run by a third party.  They have disallowed anything in Windows Startup.  So, we are trying to figure out how to deal with starting the program automatically.

Wondering if anyone has experience with writing a program that can be setup as a windows service that will do nothing accept check to make sure our application is running and if not, start it.



Michael Mantkowski
ClienTrax Software

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