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Maybe you know this already but just in case… Apple notarizes dmg, pkg, and zip, that’s all I’ve seen, no mention of bit rock. Your installer has to be notarized too.. otherwise it will get the malware warning, so most of us, after notarizing the app, package it up in one of those, and notarize it too.. so that they will not get the malware warning on it.. maybe, if you sign it and package it in a dmg for shipping, maybe that will work.. Apple notarizes the first level inside those three when you do the package deal… just as an aside I say that.. I was told by them I didn’t need to notarize my app first, only sign it, like as per Omnis doc.. which leaves you off at a notarized app.. when in fact the first thing they’ll see is your installer.. not even sure what notarizing an app is for, as it’s opening installers that is the thing.. good luck though… 

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> Hi All,
> Seeing a few others have already gone down this route, we're now diving into this as well. We were manually deploying 10.1 to clients who jumped the gun and upgraded to Catalina or who needed one of the fixes in it holding off with building installers and upgraders until a few niddly bits were fixed.
> We're moving forward now and creating full 10.1 installers now to deploy to our clients but hit a snag.
> Thanks to Andrei's excellent instructions we were able to sign and notarise JobBag without to many hassles. As far as we can tell we have a properly signed and notaries application now.
> But packaging that up in a bit rock installer breaks it. I'm about to go investigate this more and starts scraping through the bit rock related forums for answers but just in case someone here has run into it.. I'm guessing it is either not installing all of the code signature stuff, doing something weird with access rights or simply adding stuff to the installation like uninstall info. Anyone else using bit rock and already went through figuring this one out?
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