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In addition to what Andy and Doug have already said is to ask the question of whether your application must always be running even if the internet is out. e.g. POS systems for restaurants can’t be not taking orders if the internet is down, If this is your case then you may have to look at having a subset of data locally  which allows the application  to continue running if the internet goes down. The system then would resync the data on internet coming back on line. 

Just food for thought.


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> On Nov 5, 2019, at 6:49 PM, Mike Rowan <michael.rowan3 at gmail.com> wrote:
> My client is contemplation opting for a remote or cloud based operation.
> They have only five or six Mac OS 10.13 workstations, one PostgreSQL
> database, one Omnis Studio 8.1.7 application and about 400 Gb general files
> including graphic files.  They have a backup routine in place, though
> partly on site.
> I have no experience in this area, so I am hoping some kind soul can tell
> me what they think, or who to ask for guidance.  Preferably in Australia if
> that will affect the speed of things.
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