Detecting events in complex grid

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Fri Nov 1 07:13:52 EDT 2019

Scotte wrote:
>How do I detect the resizing of a column in a complex grid?
>I'm not finding any of the evXXX events that address this. (Studio 8 +)

Based on Paul's suggestion, this seems to work in a quick test -  Given a kComplexGrid named cgClientLedger with $mouseevents=kTrue --

On evMouseDown
	Do method getColDivider (pMouseX) Returns iDividerDragged
On evMouseUp
	If iDividerDragged>0
		Send to trace log {cgClientLedger divider [iDividerDragged] was just dragged}
		Calculate iDividerDragged as 0
	End If

Do $cinst.$objs.cgClientLedger.$dividers.$makelist($ref.$posn) Returns divList
For divList.$line from 1 to divList.$linecount step 1
	If pXCoord<divList.C1-2
		Quit method 0
	Else If pXCoord>divList.C1+2
		Quit method divList.$line
	End If
End For
Quit method 0


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