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I had the honor of spending time with Gwyneth in 1999, first when visiting Mitford House with my wife for the 20th anniversary. Happily, we were also able to spend time with Jeremy, who can, I think, be accurately described as a classic English Gentleman. They made a delightful couple.

Then, as an advisor to the board in 1999-2000, I was able to spend time with Gwyneth professionally. She always put the developers first. 

Gwyneth was a guiding light to the engineers at Mitford through good times and bad. She will be missed.

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> On Jul 17, 2019, at 21:17, David Lewis <david at> wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> I am terribly distressed to advise you all that Gwyneth Gibbs, our former General Manager of Omnis & VP of European Operations under “Raining Data”, passed away on Tuesday in the UK. Gwyneth’s husband, Jeremy Gibbs, emailed me on my Wednesday night in Sydney with this sad news.
> Jeremy noted: “Gwyneth had kidney cancer, which is usually diagnosed late, as in her case.  She knew it wasn’t curable, but with treatment she survived longer than most and in her usual indomitable style.
> Omnis, the whole team and the developer community were a big part of her life. She was hugely frustrated with the way things were going in those troubled times before 2016, and equally she was cheered by the progress since then.”
> Gwyneth was very special to me too particularly as the “voice of reason” in troubled business times and I was honoured to have known and worked with her. I know that all in our UK, German and French offices share this sentiment. 
> Jeremy has advised that funeral arrangements are yet to be announced.  Once they are Bob or I will forward details to the List.
> with great sadness

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