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Graham Stevens graham.stevens at
Wed Jul 10 04:10:43 EDT 2019

Hi Rob,

This is quite simple to set up.  Here's what we do:

In your library, create an object class (pPGnotify) and subclass it from 

In oPGnotify.$construct:

Do $cinst.$logon(host,username,password)

Create a public method, $notify with a single parameter:

prefParams        Field reference

And in the code you can deal with the messages as you wish:

; prefParams.1.Channel ;; channel
; prefParams.1.PID     ;; pid
; prefParams.1.Message ;; payload

Send to trace log $notify on channel "[prefParams.1.Channel]"   with 
message "[prefParams.1.Message]"  from process [prefParams.1.PID]

In your Startup_Task, create an instance variable of type object,

pPGcomms        Object        oPGnotify

And in your Startup_Task.$construct:

Do oPGcomms.$listen('channelName')

Best regards,

On 10/07/2019 08:49, Graham Stevens wrote:
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> Subject:	pg_notify send msg to Omnis
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> Hi $all,
> Hoping someone has worked with postgres pg_notify. I want to call into Omnis and run some code when pg_notify gets triggered.
> I can send a message with NOTIFY, and I want to get that string into Omnis. Both Mac and Windows.
> Ideas? Thoughts?
> Thanks very much
> Rob Alexander

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