Multiple user accounts on windows with Omnis listening on a hard-coded port

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Hey Reg,

Ran into that years ago too using Omnis remote tasks to allow some automation into the library, never found a solution and gave up on the idea.
Much may have changed since then but Rudolfs suggestion is on point in theory. If you can't bind on the port because it is in use, bind on the next one until you find a free one or run out of a range. What got me stuck was that you needed to restart Omnis before it would try to bind on the new port. But that was Studio 4 days so it may work today.

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 Subject:   Multiple user accounts on windows with Omnis listening on a hard-coded port 

Hi all,

One of my clients has just got a new IT support provider, and they have 
set up so that everyone who walks up to a workstation is supposed to log 
on with their own name and password.

I have got the local AppData working the the multiple users, but I have 
a potential problem where if the previous user hasn't quit from my 
application and hasn't logged out, then there will be a "ghost" 
omnis.exe still running (visible in Task Manager). The problem is that 
this Omnis is listening on a particular port and it wont let go of the 
port so when the next user comes along and opens another instance of  
Omnis, it cannot get access to the port.

Has anyone else worked though this issue?


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