Updating components and further musings (Was: Studio 10)

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New versions of XCOMPS and externals can be placed in the 'Application Support' folder ('AppData\Local' on Windows).
There is no need for elevated rights and you don't have to do any code signing. (see page 58 of the 'What's new in Studio 8.1.6' document.

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> Ability to turn off XCOMPS and Externals on request so that they can be updated even if Omnis is running.  So, we can implement our own auto update facility with in out application.  Of course, then being able to restart them.

Be aware that even if Omnis grants you this wish it will be short lived unless you want your clients to stay on old versions of operating systems.

Looking at the current course of both Apple and Microsoft both require applications with elevated rights to make any changes to the application and both require code signatures that prove the files in the application bundle (Apple) or Program files (Microsoft) remain unchanged. These rules seem to be getting stricter with every release of the OS. 

I've still not got a full picture of what can and can't be done today, and what won't be possible tomorrow.
Microsoft is pretty clear in code signing the exe and dlls themselves so as long as the program that puts updated versions of the files in place is running under elevated rights it works fine. Apple seems more strict with code signing the entire app bundle but so far I've got the distinct impression the code signing isn't consistently checked. I'm definitely confused by Apple most of the time as their documentation for simpletons like me state that I should just leave it up to Xcode, and the documentation that is targeted at professionals skip over all the basics that I'm trying to understand.
I do get the distinct impression that Apple is slowly moving their ruleset on OSX closer and closer to the rule set on iOS which really would suggest it's either the Apple way or the highway.

We've gone down the road of downloading and starting an installer that does all the proper things with all the proper rights and it just replaces the installation (definitely seems to be the preferred method Apple forces on us). Sure it means Omnis starts the installer, quits, lets the installer do its thing and then the installer restarts Omnis, but the experience is not much different then leaving Omnis running as you would have to unload your application anyway or windows that are open and using your externals will probably falter.
Not sure if this is the best solution but it has been very stable for years.

Our main headache at this moment is the requirement of the elevated rights.
We have various larger clients that do not provide their users with administrative rights (a good thing in a large organisation) meaning that they can't even run the installer, or any logic that requires elevated rights.

This is where it gets kinda funny though. This has been a long established protocol thought as basis system admin 101. You do not give users in an organisation rights to install applications out of fear of users installing all sorts of crap that becomes a nightmare for the company, especially if some of those elements contain malware.

What seems to be missing in the skillset of many IT departments is knowing the solution to this issue and how to push out (updated) applications to a network of computers. I certainly have no hands on experience here, only know from some of our larger clients that they use mechanisms where they just push out new applications. 

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