O$ 8.1: Using custom CSS in a jsClient responsive form

Paul Mulroney pmulroney at logicaldevelopments.com.au
Fri Nov 30 04:20:57 EST 2018

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to setup a form with an array of objects, each with a picture and a button. (a "recently addded" type thing).

I would like it so that the objects would evenly distribute across the page, but the built in edge floats don't seem to do what I need it to do.

Digging through CSS tutorials I found a "Flex Box" setup, where if I add a bit of CSS to the container div, it can do the magic I want:

.recentlyadded {
	/* Make the items in this paged pane distribute evenly across the page */
	display: flex !important;
	flex-direction: row !important;
	flex-wrap: wrap !important;
	justify-content: space-around !important;

I've added this to the "user.css", and I've created a paged pane with a $cssclassname of "recentlyadded", but it doesn't look like it worked.

Has anyone tried to add custom css to Studio 8.1?  What did I miss?


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