Non-printable margins in reports

Stefan Csomor csomor at
Thu Nov 29 14:23:02 EST 2018

Hi Bas

Am 26.07.18, 04:01 schrieb "omnisdev-en im Auftrag von Bastiaan Olij" <omnisdev-en-bounces at im Auftrag von Bastiaan.Olij at>:

    This one has us a bit stumped because something presumably did changed this behaviour. 
    When we setup a report to print to A4 with 1cm page margins we're now getting the non-printable paper margin of the printer added. So while we think we have 1cm borders at each side with 19cm printable space, we end up with a 1.5cm left border and a 0.5cm right border. I was always under the impression and am pretty sure that it worked like this before, where a 1cm margin is a 1cm margin and we simply had to make sure this didn't become less then the non-printable page border or what you were printing would be cut off.
    Printing to preview or PDF doesn't have this issue, purely printing to printer.
    Does anyone know if there is a setting that governs this that we may have accidentally flipped?
I'm now running into the same issue under O$ 8.1.6 when using Dymo appointment cards, which have a tremendous 1.45 cm non printable border on the left side, did get any infos/workarounds or a fault reference ?



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