O$816, Bind Vars Question

Denis Woodbury denis at woodmic.net
Tue Nov 27 11:04:30 EST 2018


Using ODBC with SQL Server

Trying to update a date column (birthdate) to '1701-11-26' using a bind variable will result in 1969-12-31

The birthdate column in the Studio Schema is Date Time, Short Date 1900..1999
Any date inferior to 1901-12-31 using a bind variable like this: SET birthdate=@[irwrow.birthdate]
will result in storing 1969-12-31

The irwrow is set inside the table class so it is in scope, dates greater or equal to 1901-12-31 work fine.

This works in interacive SQL 
update actor set birthdate = '1701-11-26' where actor_id = '2923' 

Any Idea??


denis woodbury

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