new improved ODPP and marketing 101

Bryan Brodie brb at
Tue Nov 27 10:22:08 EST 2018

Hi $all,


I received the spiffy new ODPP marketing blurb from the spiffy new Omnis Corp in my email today.

Super - except, this is the 21st century and I can get anything delivered to my door in under an hour, but....

"To take advantage of ODPP and RMA, or to ask for further information & pricing, please do not hesitate to contact me."

I don't think there is any dispute that one of the biggest barriers to Omnis developers coming onboard to ODPP is its 'perceived value' - aka, THE PRICE.

So, where's the beef? You're not telling us the price, AGAIN. 

This marketing material implies some kind of pricing change, but if I have to get on the phone or ping-pong email so that sales can 'determine my intent' - well, game over for you - I'm not biting. 

You send me this email directly, you have a business relationship with me, but you won't tell me my price. Hmmmmm....

Indeed, if I even want to license Omnis, I have to engage the Omnis sales team to even KNOW the price - it's not posted anywhere online (it used to be).

Big mistake. People click off a website if they don't find what they need in 15 seconds - but a Omnis license / support sales transaction requires an engagement of several minutes at a minimum.

I can buy Windows 10 pro online, MS Office, all kinds of development and other software, but I have to send AN EMAIL to even know the price of Omnis stuff? 

It makes me think if I 'play ball' I will get some kind of better deal - kind of like playing off Verizon FiOS against Comcast Xfinity to knock $50 off my cable bill. 

Sorry, but I just don't have the patience. This approach disrespects my intelligence and my time. 

Rationalize all you want, but this is patently absurd, and it's one more reason why Omnis is withering on the vine.

When I see that I can purchase license serials online without human intervention, I'll know Omnis has a fighting chance. Ditto for the ODPP.

"Oh, but this business model doesn't / can't / won't work like that" you say?

I've been using Omnis since the 80s and this sales model has always been flawed. 

If this comes off as cranky, well, I've invested thousands of hours coding in Omnis. Not nearly as much lately.

Ok </RANT> over, peace out

Bryan Brodie

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