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Hi Jeff,

As Gavin says, EurOmnis is a great place to talk to people who have been there and done it. To get started you do not need any providers, but it does not hurt to bear in mind how you will host it. There I cannot help. 

Regarding third-party JS components from outside the Omnis community would require wrapping with the Omnis JS SDK so that they can communicate properly with the remote forms and your Omnis code. In fact some of the controls that are distributed with Omnis are JQuery controls that have been wrapped in this way. To do this it requires some understanding of coding in javascript and some understanding of the Omnis JS SDK which is documented here https://sdkdocs.omnis.net/jssdk/latest. Omnis Studio also provides a tool to quickly create a framework for your own custom controls. It gets you as far as only having to plug-in the Javascript code to handle your custom properties/events, handle the Omnis data, and the javascript code to render the control and provide interactive features. All pure Javascript. In fact, for the past few years, I have done a session at EurOmnis demonstrating how to create an interactive list control.

My Son and I have ported our third-party OWrite control to the Omnis JS SDK, so this is available should you need something like it. It was completed XMas last year and we did some more work during this year. I’am in the process of releasing some more enhancements for this control prior to XMas. It has been incorporated by Omnis developers into three systems so-far, two of which are live already. I am also working on porting our OCal calendar to the Omnis JS-Client.

Hope this helps.


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> On 26 Nov 2018, at 23:18, Gavin Foster <omnislist at dataweaver.com> wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> I know what you mean. It’s really difficult to learn Omnis web development using the jsClient technology without someone to guide you.
> I know I’m an organiser of Euromnis and you’d expect me to promote the event, but honestly and without any agenda, I have to say that you should consider coming to Euromnis 2019. I learnt how to develop in jsClient at Euromnis. I was going to Jim Pistrang’s ultrathin Omnis and jsClient sessions for three or four years, sometimes attending them twice in a year. I also went to Andreas Pfeiffer’s sessions and others (sorry - too many names to mention).
> It was a slow process because I didn’t get the chance to use the technology between each year’s attendance. However, this year, that training into its own and I’ve built a working web app and even integrated third party javascript modules hosted on their website.
> If you have a budget for training, or if you can make one, I would recommend you consider coming next year. Registrations will open in March or April 2019, which is when the cheapest rates are available.
> Sorry it’s not much help to you right now, and I hope you can start moving forward with your project before next October. However, I hope we see you at Euromnis in Germany next year.
> Right now, I would say play with:
> 1) Create a remote form with a remote task that creates a session to your database.
> 2) Create a session pool in your Startup_Task and then use a session from that pool instead of one you create in the remote task.
> 3) Create another remote form that reads some data from your database and displays it in a data grid.
> 4) Create a row variable that allows you to insert/update/delete records.
> This is what I’m starting a new Omnis programmer in our company with. Once he’s got the gist of a remote form operating with a remote task and session objects, I’ll move onto more graphical user controls and then onto separation of the presentation layer (remote form) from the business layer (object classes).
> Rgds
> Gav
>>> Hey,
>>> Could somebody possibly point me in a direction to where I can find
>>> information on developing in Omnis with the Web Components?  We are
>>> starting
>>> a new project that we're trying hard to push in the direction of using
>>> Omnis
>>> Studio's web options.  However, I'm coming up short on finding information
>>> on the environment we need to use.  Specifically.  Can we use any hosting
>>> provider?  Or are we required to use a provider that can host the
>>> components?  What options are there for 3rd party components being used in
>>> this app.  Etc.
>>> If somebody could point me in a starting direction, I would appreciate it.
>>> Jeff Gibson
>>> Intercept Solutions
>>> Nashville, TN
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