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You have many options. Here two.

Begin print job
Print report A
Print report LastPageReport
End print job

A print job combines the printing of more than one report into one block. Your separate report "LastPageReport" would simply print your last page, and you could pass the values you need to that report.

2) In the Report footer section of your place a positioning section, and set $pagemode to kNewPage. This will trigger a new page in the report, and any information following the positioning section will print on the last page. 

You can also make this dynamic, using the following trick. In the Report footer create two positioning sections. In the first ($name: POSNEWPAGE), create a $print method, and put the following code in this method:

If iFlagNewPage
  Calculate $cinst.$objs. POSNEWPAGE1.$pagemode as kNewpage
End If

The second positioning section ($name: POSNEWPAGE1) will then be assigned an appropriate $pagemode and the fields following POSNEWPAGE1 will print on a new page. We use this to allow a user to define on their own how the information on the report will be printed with respect to new pages in the Report footer.


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I need to add a page after my report (that contains always only 1 page) with minimum changes in my existing report .It contains :page headerrecordpage footer I tried this :set printif parameter in my page header section : #P=1add  2 kpositioning section in my page footer section with a different printif parameter :#P=1#P<>1 but It doesn't work Can you help me please ?
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