$Ov8.1.6-MacOS-10.13.6 :: Unicode UTF8 without BOM

jmv jmvoegeli at bluewin.ch
Wed Nov 21 04:43:35 EST 2018

Hi Kelly,

Thank you very much.

>    Prepare for print
>    Print record
>    End print

I try your solution and it worked.

But the file was limited to 19 chr wide.

I did :

Calculate vOK as kTrue
Calculate #S1 as pTexte
Set print or export file name {[vPath]}
Do $root.$prefs.$appendfile.$assign(kFalse)
Do $root.$prefs.$exportencoding.$assign(kUniTypeUTF8)
Do $root.$prefs.$exportbom.$assign(kFalse)
Do $root.$prefs.$charsperline.$assign(80)
Send to file
Set report name Ante.r_Print
Set page width {80}
Prepare for print
Print record
End print
Close print or export file

and the file was still limited to 19 chr wide !

… That's a lot of work to replace « Do vFileObj.$writefile(chartoutf8(pTexte)) Returns vOK ».

I do not think I will follow this path as I have no skill in the 5th gen commands of Omnis.

Have a nice days. Thanks for your help.

Kindest regards,


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