$Ov8.1.6-MacOS-10.13.6 :: Unicode UTF8 without BOM

jmv jmvoegeli at bluewin.ch
Wed Nov 21 03:37:18 EST 2018

Hi Alessandro,

Thank you for your help.

> Try using "Set print or export file name" and "Transmit text to print file" commands.
> Set $root.$prefs.$exportencoding to kUniTypeUTF8.
> With $root.$prefs.$exportbom=kTrue, BOM is added at the top.
> With $root.$prefs.$exportbom=kFalse, BOM is NOT added.

I will try it.

As I never used this commands I read the manual and copy its example.

I created a report 'Ante.r_Print' with single field #S1.

instead of "Do vFileObj.$writefile(chartoutf8(pTexteDuFichier)) Returns vOK"

i wrote :

Calculate #S1 as pTexteDuFichier
Set print or export file name {[vPath]}
Do $root.$prefs.$appendfile.$assign(kFalse)
Do $root.$prefs.$exportencoding.$assign(kUniTypeUTF8)
Do $root.$prefs.$exportbom.$assign(kFalse)
Send to file
Set report name Ante.r_Print
Print report
Close print or export file

but the result was ... nothing !

a blank file. What did I do wrong ?

Best regards,

Jean-Marc Voegeli

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