Studio 8.1.6 - page pane overtop existing objects

Andrew Stolarz stolarz at
Tue Nov 20 10:56:33 EST 2018

Hello Everyone,

I have a few particular windows with many entry fields, dropdowns etc in
them. We also do a lot of things to those fields via notation.

I need to have a second "tab" on this window without moving everything into
a tab pane right now due to the complexities of this window.

The quick fix/solution right now is to overlay a paged pane over the entire
window for what I need and hide/show it as required.

The problem is if users tab in this overlayed paged pane, the entry fields,
dropdown fields etc behind the page page then come to the forefront. Is
there any way to prevent this from happening? To me this seems like a UI
bug, but wondering if anyone has dealt with this before? is using $enabled
for every object the only workaround?


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