$Ov8.1.6-MacOS-10.13.6 :: Unicode UTF8 without BOM

jmv jmvoegeli at bluewin.ch
Tue Nov 20 09:10:40 EST 2018

Hi Kelly,

Thank You very much. You were very useful as always.

I have done your code :

		Do vFileObj.$writecharacter(kUniTypeNativeCharacters,pTexte,kFalse) Returns vOK

Everything was perfect. When opened in BBEdit, it says "UTF8", no more "BOM"

> Le 20 nov. 2018 à 13:52, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at montana.com> a écrit :
> But I don't know if kUniTypeNativeCharacters is high-ascii-friendly or not, and I don't know if 2-byte utf8 values will be treated properly in files without BOMs.

I suppose you mean diacritics. I build the following files without any errors :

function VerifBordif ($pCode) {
	$vTabloDesBordifs[0] = "ZBARCLAU-590330-103";
	$vTabloDesNiveaux[0] = 4;
    $vLen = 1;
    $vN = 0;
    for ($vI = 0; $vI < $vLen; $vI += 1)
        If ($pCode == $vTabloDesBordifs[$vI])
            $vN = $vTabloDesNiveaux[$vI];
return $vN;
} // VerifBordif

I have added garbage at the end and it was written as such !

The file was recognize as UTF8 OK.

I don't know if that answer your remark.

Thanks again Kelly.

My very best regards,

Jean-Marc Voegeli

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