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Reg Paling reg.paling at
Mon Nov 19 16:30:08 EST 2018

Hi Marc & all, and specifically the List Mums,

I was not referring to the content, I was referring to the volunteer 
service itself.  An example is when I asked Fred Haislmaier a question 
about the list search, he replied "Life always seems to get in the 
way".  My view is, that is fine if that's your situation right now, but 
if so, then it's time to move on.

Perhaps I should have put the question another way, and I hope the list 
Mums will respond this time:

Let's imagine the following:

  * A group of volunteer list members could create a new database
    containing the complete list content
  * The same group or a different group could create an accessible and
    highly useable search function
      o Perhaps this could be an open-source collaborative project in
        Studio 8 or 10
  * Hopefully we could get an organisation to sponsor any ongoing
    hosting costs
  * Hopefully Omnis Software would donate Studio Web Runtime licences if
    they are needed

My question is: if we were to set out on a plan like this, is there 
anything of a legal nature that could stand in the way of it?  Do any of 
the present or past list Mums hold any claim of intellectual property 
rights (or any other kind of rights) over the list content, operations, 
membership or technology?

I ask this because I recall that one or two of the long-past generations 
of list Mums took some initial steps in the direction of "monetising" 
the list with the apparent goal of providing some sort of a return for 
their efforts.  This is many years ago now, but I would like to be 
confident that we could now move forward with clear air.


On 15/11/18 7:04 am, Marc De Roover wrote:
> Reg,
> You posit: “the list service has been going stale”
> Can you please clarify your point ?
> I think that the content of the list is driven by it’s users and is 
> not a Mom’s responsibility.
> Thanks,
> Marc
> On 14 Nov 2018, at 20:29, Reg Paling wrote:
>> Dear list Mums,
>> Thank you so much for the years of volunteer effort that you have 
>> given to our Omnis community.  This list is a phenomenal example of 
>> the best in human nature, people helping each other "with no 
>> expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone 
>> might do the same for you".  For many years your volunteer service 
>> has been the core of that and as a list member I deeply appreciate it.
>> Lately however, the list service has been going stale, and I for one 
>> feel that it is time for a change.
>> In the interests of fairness, I would first invite you each to speak 
>> up.  Can you each please let us know your current circumstances with 
>> respect to your role as list Mums?  If your expectations are 
>> different from the spirit I noted above, could you please speak up 
>> and put it out there?  Do you feel that my criticism is justified or 
>> not?  Do you have any ideas about what should be done about it?
>> I feel it is only fair that first the list Mums should be invited to 
>> answer these questions.  That would be a good foundation for the 
>> discussion which will surely follow.
>> Kind regards and thanks,
>> Reg
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