Studio 8.1.6 Pgdam - background workers . Anybody seen -30 errors: unable to connect

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Sun Nov 18 20:36:50 EST 2018

I’ve got something unexplained going on with background workers in the pgdam in Studio 8.1.6.

I’ve only really been playing with OSX version - so I don’t know if its cross platfor or not.

the symptons
- I open a window and search for something
- that goes to a background worker
- the data is found and the list gets filled.

do this a bunch off times .  Same window or diferent window.   each widows has its own instance var for a background worker.

eventually, I see a -30 error from the background worker.    The text says that it is a connection error.

I cannot get any more background workers to run at all, until I quit Studio.

however, sending SQL on the foreground thread using a table class — works just fine, and continues to do so.

For what its worth, the code for the foreground worker is untouched from  our studio 5 version where it has worked for about 8 years, untouched.     I just ported the library to studio 8.

and there isn’t much code to make it work.

anyway, anybody had any sort of interesting errors from pgsql workers in background?????

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Arts Management Systems Ltd.
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