Field not changing type

Mike Rowan michael.rowan3 at
Wed Nov 14 17:58:41 EST 2018

Hi Jeanne

We’ll need to know the operating system version and the Omnis version and how the data is being recorded (Omnis native database or a SQL database).


> On 15 Nov 2018, at 8:34 am, Jeanne Reyes <bornfree11 at> wrote:
> Is there a reason why an indexed 32 bit integer will not change to text?  I
> recently had the need to include letters as part of a code that was
> previously just numbers, however, while the file now states character 20,
> the field does not actually convert.  The field in the windows keep saying
> 32 bits, and if I try to include a letter it evaluates as Zero.
> I have reorganized the data, drop indexes, etc.  the file say CH 20, the
> field on windows keeps the 32 bits.
> I'm puzzled.  Any insights?
> Jeanne
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