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Marc De Roover omnis1 at
Wed Nov 14 15:04:50 EST 2018


You posit: “the list service has been going stale”
Can you please clarify your point ?

I think that the content of the list is driven by it’s users and is 
not a Mom’s responsibility.



On 14 Nov 2018, at 20:29, Reg Paling wrote:

> Dear list Mums,
> Thank you so much for the years of volunteer effort that you have 
> given to our Omnis community.  This list is a phenomenal example of 
> the best in human nature, people helping each other "with no 
> expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone 
> might do the same for you".  For many years your volunteer service 
> has been the core of that and as a list member I deeply appreciate it.
> Lately however, the list service has been going stale, and I for one 
> feel that it is time for a change.
> In the interests of fairness, I would first invite you each to speak 
> up.  Can you each please let us know your current circumstances with 
> respect to your role as list Mums?  If your expectations are 
> different from the spirit I noted above, could you please speak up and 
> put it out there?  Do you feel that my criticism is justified or 
> not?  Do you have any ideas about what should be done about it?
> I feel it is only fair that first the list Mums should be invited to 
> answer these questions.  That would be a good foundation for the 
> discussion which will surely follow.
> Kind regards and thanks,
> Reg
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