Regex External Component (v1.1)

José Lacerda jose.lacerda at
Fri Nov 9 09:02:55 EST 2018

Hi All

I released a new version of the oRegex external component.
In this version, I added a new function that returns a list with the result expressions of the operation. For example:

Do lvoRegex.$setpattern("([a-z]+)\\.([a-z]+)")
Do lvoRegex.$matchresults("foobar.txt",lvbMatch,lvLstResults)

The lvbMatch will be kTrue and the lvLstResults list will contain 3 lines: "foobar.txt", "foobar" and "text".
The "foobar" and "text" item were added because of the parentheses. Everything that is inside parentheses will be considered an expression and will be added to the list if they match (regex capturing groups:

The source code of the component is in my GitHub ( In the release section you may find two DLL (for O$8 x86 and x64) and also one lib for testing and demonstration.
Please feel free to use it and give me some feedback in case you found some bugs or want to improve something.

With my best regards

José Lacerda
ERP - Software Engineer/Omnis Functional Leader jose.lacerda at osit-group dot com 

OSIT Group
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