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Hi John

Try this:

Set Ref to your Windowclass

Do $root.$modes.$dotoolmethod(kEnvToolBrowser,44,Ref)


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Hi All,


Here is an interesting little challenge:


I have a little library class browser I've been toying with. Has some interesting features plus some future ones to be done. One thing I am trying to do now is, open a window from another library, in the context of the task started by other library.


1)      No modifying the target task in any way.

2)      No modifying the window in any way.


Just want to open a window under the task of the library like the Omnis class browser does.


Tried something like this:


***** All these variations and others similar opens the class, but in the task for my browser, not the task for the target application.







Do $itasks.$sendall($sendallref.$name.$assign(






Calculate #S1 as IClasses.lib_name

Calculate #S2 as





Set the $isIDE flag to true in my browser task, but that didn't change anything.

Tried several other variations of this pattern with no success. 


Any thoughts? Thanks Much.


John Boehme

Integral Consulting Services

Bothell, WA



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