O$10: what is the rationale to skip O$9 ?

Geir Fjærli omnis at sunshinedata.com
Thu Nov 8 04:41:18 EST 2018

Then I guess only Apple can tell for sure, and only if Omnis Software asks them. It should be noted that there are stories of developers who have had the rug pulled out from under them after they released a solution, often because Apple chose to change the rules later.

Bas: I am not saying there cannot be «interpreted» solutions, I am saying there cannot (or at least could not) be proprietary license runtimes. Flash was, Python and Lua are not.

And yes, Apple may have hated Flash for the «right reasons» as well. Then we can always debate whether Apple wanting to control the infrastructure is right or wrong.

Oh, and «a long time» is about how log it is since I did anything with Studio, so I have not had the need to stay updated on this subject since the issue was first mentioned by Mitford reps at EurOmnis was back when.

Geir :)

> 8. nov. 2018 kl. 05:17 skrev Kelly Burgess <kellyb at montana.com>:
> Bas wrote:
>> Don't think this has applied for a long time Geir, there are so many runtime based solutions on iOS now it's not funny.
> Something changed about 18 months ago -
>    https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/06/07/apple_relaxes_developer_rules/
> but at the time, clarification was still needed.
> Kelly
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