O$10: what is the rationale to skip O$9 ?

Bruno Del Sol bruno.delsol at bydesign.fr
Tue Nov 6 02:49:37 EST 2018

Le 05/11/2018 à 23:21, Bastiaan Olij a écrit :
> The ability to fix problems while you debug and see the effect of your changes right there and then without ever leaving the environment you are in nor having to restart anything, that is what makes it possible to double if not quadruple your productivity compared to other languages.

Yes, the ability to change code while debugging it is the main <extra bold> unique selling point </extra bold> of Omnis 
!!!  No Java, Python, JS, PHP environment comes even close to this unique feature. There are 2 others :

- Omnis IDE delivers you out of the box several dozens of standard and design libraries ready to use, tested and 
integrated, and they maintain it for decades. To get the same features with a Java, Python, JS, PHP environment you 
gonna have to pile up a lot of external frameworks and libraries prior to code your first line. And then, congrats, you 
are now personally in charge of dealing with the rapid obsolescence and scary safety issues of each of these bits of 
code for the next 10 years

- Omnis let you truly develop and deploy on 3 operating systems with a single codebase (although we have lost the linux 
development version, which I hope we'll get back soon). I work on Macos only, and i daily fix, enhance and redeploy apps 
that run solely on Windows or Linux on corporate sites where Macs are unwelcome. Once the proper initial setup is done, 
I don't need to test my work on the deployment platform anymore : if it works on my Mac, it will work seamlessly on my 
clients Windows or linux boxes


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