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maybe this can help you :

There are 2 lbs with basic things to download. The problem is the you have 
to know what type of auth. needs the  "alien" you want to get info from .

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Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 07:41:50 +0200
Subject: REST between aliens


I have to send GET and POST to a foreign web application. This other web 
application have a REST API so it should not be that hard.  I thought...
But using Omnis you have to deal with two aliens. Omnis Support does not 
offer support for other aliens. And the other vendor does recognize Omnis 
not even as an alien.

So dealing with these two aliens I have to figure out how to get REST 
support using Omnis to connect the other REST alien.

I thought it was as simple as:

  HTTPGet (lv_HOST;lv_URI) Returns lv_SOCKET
  HTTPRead (lv_SOCKET;lv_BUFFER) Returns lv_COUNT
  HTTPClose (lv_SOCKET) Returns lv_STATUS

But I have to deal with extra stuff that the other alien wants in order to 

  'ACCESS_TOKEN', 'your-access-token-here'
  'CLIENT_SECRET', 'your-client-secret-here'
  'CONTENT_TYPE', 'application/json'
  'ACCEPTS', 'application/json'
  'ENDPOINT', 'url-to-api’);

And I cannot get any help from anybody of those two aliens how to submit 
those parameters within HTTPGet.

Anybody who can point me in a positive direction or have a clue how to make 
any progress?


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