Studio 8 and PDF

Alan Schmidt alan at
Sun Jun 17 15:57:14 EDT 2018

I think you're mixing the Omnis built-in and the Mac OS native.

Try this:

Do $cdevice.$assign(kDevOmnisPDF)     ;; new Omnis Studio pdf device
Do $prefs.$reportfile.$assign(filePath)
Do Omnis PDF Device.$setdocinfo(pUserName,pReportTitle,pSubject) Returns #F     ;; $setdocinfo(author,title,subject)
Begin print job (Send to PDF)


On 6/17/18, 12:39 PM, "omnisdev-en on behalf of Bo Carleö" <omnisdev-en-bounces at on behalf of bo at> wrote:

    Hi listers
    Working on the necessary transition to 64 bit Studio 8 on Mac OS 10.13.5.
    Just managed to get PDF printing to work.
    I use the Omnis built in function. Here is the code I use.
    	Calculate $cdevice as kDevPrinter
    	Calculate $prefs.$macosdesttype as kPDF
    	Calculate $prefs.$macosdestname as con(path;'.pdf')
    	Print report (Use search)
    You would think that Calculate $cdevice as kDevOmnisPDF should work.
    It does not. At least not here...
    Routine prints OK in portrait format but not in landscape format.
    Omnis reports that the file is written to disk but it is not.
    Instead it sends the report to printer.
    Anyone with a clue?
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