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Hi Bryan,

Thanks for your message!

My understanding is that for iOS, the ID is not unique to the hardware - different apps will get a different ID.  My guess is a GUID is generated when the app is installed/first initialised by the OS, so different apps on the same hardware will generate different IDs.  The reason for this is to prevent apps from sharing information via the ID.

As an aside, our plan is for Android devices only because of the cost of rolling out iOS - you can't really do ad-hoc deployment on the iOS platform like you can for Android.  I don't know how Android handles hardware IDs, so this is new ground for us too.


> On 11 Jun 2018, at 12:09 am, Bryan Brodie <brb at appimatic.com> wrote:
> hi paul,
> i find it interesting you are able to retrieve a persistently unique hardware device ID using this process.
> it's been my understanding that iOS (at a minimum) and other mobile / etc operating system platforms were moving away from letting developers uniquely identify mobile device hardware in web / mobile applications.
> it makes me wonder if the unique hardware device ID is only persistent during a session, or cookie, etc?
> also makes me wonder how long a developer can depend on this ID being available...
> thoughts?
> bryan brodie

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