Python folder

Stefan Csomor csomor at
Tue Jun 5 09:22:47 EDT 2018


For Omnis itself on Windows Python-Portable is used (v 2.7.3 from 2012), on Mac I guess the System Framework Python is linked against, I didn't find any python dynamic libraries there. 

My XCOMP had its own Python $setpythonhome, so it can use whatever you want, a system python or your own. You can then either use $runfile if you want to pass in a file, or $runtext if you have your file's content stored internally or - if you just want to evaluate an expression in the python interpreter - there was the $runstring method ..

From within Python code you could then access omnis variables, have messageboxes and callback into objects ..

So if people are interested in this, I could try to update things and put it in github, which O$ version would you be using ? and osx, win32 or win64 ? 



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